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30 Pack of Big Cup Tees

30 Pack of Big Cup Tees

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Well Packaged: Including 30 Pcs 83 mm(3 1/4") Plastic Golf Tees Big Cup

Variety: Other

Size: 83mm(3 1/4") Golf tee

Oversize Head Design: Big Cup Tee Less Resistance,Long Roll

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: Golf Cup Tee30

Model Number: Golf Cup Tee30

Material: Plastic

Material: High Quality Unbreakable Material

Longer & Straighter Drives: Big Cup Tees Rally do Give You Longer and Straighter Drives

Fast Delivery: Yes

Drop Shipping: Yes

Color: Black,Blue,Green,Orange,White,Mixed Color Golf tee

Brand Name: O FINGER TEN


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